Feuertopf 6,1 L + 2 L Deckelinhalt

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Produktnummer: VH6.1
Produktinformationen "Feuertopf 6,1 L + 2 L Deckelinhalt"
The VH6.1L Dutch Oven is made of cast iron, has no legs on the bottom and the lid has a raised edge and has legs. Cast iron is a material that conducts and retains heat well, and cast iron is also suitable for any heat source.Thanks to the legs on the lid you can, conversely, place it directly on the heat source, without ‚choking‘ the heat. This make is possible to use the lid as a skillet. Thanks to the raised edge you can place coal on the lid and thus create an oven function inside the Dutch Oven.The VH6.1L has no legs on the bottom and this makes it easy to place it in your oven or on your barbecue grill. Do you need legs on the bottom? You can put the VH23G under this Dutch Oven to create the effect of legs.The Dutch Ovens from Valhal Outdoor are already pre-treated with a natural oil, so you don’t have to do this yourself for the first use. However, we do recommend that you heat the Dutch Ovens well before first use. When you take good care of your Dutch Oven, you have a pan for life. To guarantee the lifespan, we recommend taking care of your pan regularly with the VH.WAX.